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Located in the exact centre of the Kingdom of Athenia is the province of Aetaea, a colony of forest dwellers who have utilised their lush surroundings to their advantage. Royal and noble caravans alike visit the province’s well known hunting grounds, and it has even been rumoured that Artemis and her hunters can often be seen on midnight hunts, silver accents glinting under the celestial bodies.

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The manor home of the Argyris family, the manor was constructed in 712 BC. His home for over forty years, the manor was lovingly crafted of both Aetaean wood and local stone. Carvings dedicated to nature and Artemis herself have been cut into the wooden beams that support the manor, bringing it that much closer to the goddess. The grounds of the manor are graced with a number of buildings, including a stable, a kennel for hunting dogs, numerous sheds for equipment and supplies, as well as a small private bathing house. The manor itself was built to withstand multiple generations of Argyris progeny. As such, its construction is as sturdy as they come, sacrificing extreme opulence for functionality and longevity.

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