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A mix between laid back and talented, Arcana is a coastal town filled with abundant catch in its seas, and very proficient ship-makers. Shipyards dot the edges of the cobblestoned path by the sea. Located on the furthest end of the town stands a strong fortress built to house the Princess whenever she visits her barony, and a training ground for the White Shields, who guard the province.

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A manor of fine white marble, the kalospíti home of the Xanthos family was the first structure to have been built with the riches that came from becoming a royal family. After many years of careful accounting and scrupulous economics, the Xanthos Dynasteia were able to afford to build a home fit for their new rank. The manor exists on a raised piece of land, overlooking a lagoon that forms part of the coastline of Arcana. Like a fairytale castle, it poises itself on the precipice, overlooking its domain. It may not be the largest of all the Athenian manors but it is a small and perfect jewel in its royal setting.

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Kalospíti Lefkó
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