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An isolated province standing on the furthest end of Athenia, Attia has traditional architecture that stands out amongst its infrastructure, and healthy mountains that produces an abundance of fruits, vegetables and flowers. The best healers in Athenia are known to originate from this province.

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Named for the matriarch of a branch of the Antonis family, this particular kalospíti houses the current baron that serves beneath Lord Alehandros. Currently, the position is held by his eldest daughter Sanasa of Antonis in lieu of missing male heirs. Sanasa operates as baroness of Attia with a steward in place for attending events such the the Senate. The manor in Attia itself occupies a large area but stands at one one story high. The building is comprised of walls of archways that offer the visitor a clear view of the forestry and foliage surrounding it.

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Kalospíti Sotiria
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