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Classy and proud, the province is probably one of the richest, with many nobles aiming to obtain land within the province to live among the rich and mighty. The streets of Magnestis are always busy, for many merchants find it the most lucrative location to sell their goods. It isn't odd to see gold-plated chariots on the streets, while the coastal walk by the edge of the province serves up the freshest seafood you'll ever find in the kingdom.

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Given the wealthy state of their province, the Nikolaos Manor was built to be the crown jewel of Magnestis. Large and ornate, there is no question that this temple-like building is a centerpiece of both power and wealth. The exterior consists of vast gardens and access to a small private dock for the family of sea merchants along the far end of the property. On the other hand, the interior is designed to keep up with the latest fashions of the time and the decor changes with the seasons. Spectacularly carved reliefs that depict the great myths can be found at almost every turn and when they are combined with the sheer amount of gold gilding throughout the house as well as the soft lull of music that is seemingly always present; it creates an atmosphere that is almost worthy of the gods themselves.

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Archontikó Nikolaos
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