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No New Posts Almosis

A seaside district on the edges of Colchis, Almosis is famous for its beautiful views of the sun setting into the Grecian sea, silhouetting the kingdom's protective Hydra's Teeth. What had started as a small fishing town, slowly became a centre for quick daily jaunts from Midas for a brief reprieve from the busy city. The quaint district holds a peaceful atmosphere and at night the lanterns bring to live open-air markets selling Almosis delicacies and handicrafts made for sale as souvenirs and gifts.

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1 3 Washed Away
by The Staff Team
Jul 5, 2019 23:46:01 GMT
No New Posts Arcanaes

The most populous area after Dolomesa and Magnemea, Arcanaes functions as a major production hub for Colchis. The province houses the most skilled goldsmiths whose workmanship is so fine, their products are prized throughout the land. As the most expensive province within the kingdom, Arcanaes is barricaded by the Kirakles mountains, making it highly difficult to access even after landing at the Midas docks.

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2 29 Somewhere That's Green
by Magnus of Chaossis
Dec 23, 2019 15:02:46 GMT
No New Posts Chaossis

Few cities reflect Colchis's history and wealth as well as the main settlements of Chaossis. Known as one of the most elegant places in Colchis, Chaossis has beautiful architecture and scenic alleys, stone-paved squares and ruins of an old Colchian castle made for a long-dead baroness atop a hill. One of Chaossis's top events of the year is Chalceia, where people from far and wide in Colchis will attend the celebration on the last day of Pyanopsion to honour Hephaestus as a deity of handicraft. The people of Chaossis are the largest producers of weaponry and swordcraft, along with jewellery and accessories woven from metal. The smell of smelting can always be sensed in the streets and the alleys are always hot with the heat of crafting fires during their long working hours.

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1 13 The Beginnings of a Captain
by Maleos of Eubocris
Aug 6, 2019 23:14:02 GMT
No New Posts Dolomesa

One of the largest provinces, population-wise, Dolomesa is perched right on the top of the mountains. In her belly, lies the source of her growth - a network of mines filled with the gold and silver Colchis is so famous for. The people of Dolomesa are hardworking, regardless of gender, age and capability. They all pull their worth in the day-to-day duties in order to fulfil their responsibilities to the Colchian crown. Dolomesa has various cart-way tracks that run throughout the whole town, serving the mines deep below. The peak of the town provides the best view of the whole of Colchis.

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2 21 where did the day go?
by Essa of Drakos
Oct 16, 2020 2:40:17 GMT
No New Posts Elimea

What had started off as a small silver mining town, eventually became a hot spring town when the silver ran out. Elimea is a small province but one of the only provinces in Colchis that houses a hot spring source within its mountains. Running through the town is Edipsos Stream, a stream filled with hot mineral water from the heart of the mountains.

1 4 It All Came Tumbling Down
by Zosime of Lyncaea
Oct 22, 2020 20:24:14 GMT
No New Posts Eubocris

A province that has been literally carved into the mountain, Eubocris is often known as the Gorge. Literally a valley that has been made from the forces of nature, Eubocris has no carriages or chariots to speak of, and the people of Eubocris travel solely by horseback - purely because the roads it has are not wide enough to safely let a vehicle pass through. Eubocris is separated by the clear spring water of the Alfron River, which can be traversed by a handmade footbridge.

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11 138 The Last Night That the World Was Right
by Timaeus of Valaoritis
Oct 27, 2020 15:28:59 GMT
No New Posts Illytia

Whitewashed buildings creep up the hillside of Illytia, with narrow pathways that lead you to the top. Once there though, your reward will be a stunning view that reaches almost to Taengea on a good day, if you squint. The people of Illytia are all hardy and tough from all the uphill walkways of their province, and function as a midway point for anyone moving their exports or imports to or from portside towns.

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2 19 Trespassing
by Athanasia of Kotas
May 27, 2020 18:58:11 GMT
No New Posts Laconia

One of the largest areas of provincial land and one of the few flat areas of Colchis, Laconia grows a significant portion of the kingdoms' food resources. The province also holds one of the largest mobilized forces, independent of the Colchian army.

8 63 I Want to Go Back to Oblivion
by Celine of Acaris
Oct 30, 2020 2:21:23 GMT
No New Posts Lyncaea

The small, unassuming province of Lyncaea houses some of Colchis's most skilled stonemasons. Almost every noble and royalty in Colchian would head down to Lyncaea to ask for their skills in building gorgeous mansions, fountains, cobbled streets and squares, all from using the kingdom's rich resources and weaving in the culture of Colchian people within their designs. Right at the heart of the town square, was a gorgeous fountain which functioned as the testament to Lyncaea's skill in masonry.

3 124 Bring Back Its Head
by Nike of Acaris
Sept 5, 2020 15:39:40 GMT
No New Posts Magnemea

Magnemea is the dark province mother's threaten their children with. One of the two most populated provinces in Colchis, Magnemea is unlike its counterpart Dolomesa. The province looks more worst for wear, with alleyways running every which way. The towns, that all merge together into one big maze across the mountainside are easy to get lost in - and for good reason. Slave trades happen on a day to day basis here. Magnemea has its own harbour, where the slaves are shipped in and then brought to the market for sale. No matter which noble would purchase the men, women and children, however, they were all going to the same place. Down into the mines. The atmosphere in the town is poisonously oppressive, and it is obvious from the shabby houses and dirt roads that money is not spent on its towns, as the Magnemea nobility horde the gold for themselves in the furthest reaches of the mountains.

3 18 Drinking By The Flagon
by Lukos of Magnemea
Oct 24, 2020 16:04:09 GMT
No New Posts Megaris

By day, Megaris looks to be an innocent, quaint small town with tea houses and sweet waterfront houses. However by night, one would do well to stay away from the province. Sometimes known as the 'Sleepless Town', Megaris houses the largest number of brothels and 'flute girls' available within the Kingdom, and it is almost an unspoken rule that if one wanted a good bit of 'fun', Megaris is the place to go.

Sub-board: Kalospíti Fidi Chortari

2 24 Lost in a Strange Land
by Marietta of Antonis
Oct 18, 2020 16:11:00 GMT
No New Posts Molossia

Incredible scenery of fields and forests, Molossia is a perfect place for anyone wishing to reconnect with nature, or just have a great time on a holiday. On the edge of the main town, just before the lush forest that borders Molossia, is a small shrine dedicated to Gaea, a place where Molossians come to pray to the Greek goddess of the earth for lush vegetation and abundance in everything.

3 10 A Little Competition is Good For Business
by Damocles of Magnemea
Oct 11, 2020 3:46:25 GMT
No New Posts Nethisa

A province suffering from being just across the sea from Magnemea, Nethisa takes the bulk of any escaped slaves and the slave traders who manage them. Plagued by drug dealing, and a recent influx of whores, it is obvious the main town in Nethisa suffers serious urban decay, especially with a rising rate of robbery and violent crime. It is ill-advised to traverse the streets of Nethisa alone, and definitely not without a weapon. to Add to this rumour and mystery, the dreaded Scorpion's Sting wander the streets and land of the province, a visual reminder of the mad baron in his dark castle.

2 55 You Just Want Attention
by Mihail of Thanasi
May 5, 2020 22:45:02 GMT
No New Posts Oreboea

Built and developed as a service port for the kingdom's exports and imports, Oreboea faces the sea on three sides, with several waterfronts and a scenic lagoon that is connected to the sea by a narrow inlet. The people of Oreboea will often use the lagoon (named Voulismeni) to cool off on a hot summer day.

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1 29 The Work of Witches
by Mihail of Thanasi
Feb 22, 2020 16:12:15 GMT
No New Posts Pieria

As the neighbouring province to Arcanaes, Pieria is a small an unassuming little province and would've been unnoticed had they not house a sacred shrine - the Temple of Hephaestus. Carved into the mountains itself. Almost 100m above the ground, the Temple consists of three main caves and various other smaller ones. The largest of all is referred to as the Theseion Cave, with high ceilings and the figure of Hephaestus carved into the face of the mountain. The other two caverns depict the story of Hephaestus and how he came to be the Colchian patron god of metalworking, craftsmanship and fire.

3 61 Snacks and Snakes
by Lesley of Lands Afar
Oct 20, 2020 19:48:44 GMT

The Provinces

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