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Isle of Milos

The second largest isle within isles known as the Kirakles, the Isle of Milos contains several Thanasi provinces. If your thread does not fall specifically within these, or is in the nearby waters of this Isle, post your thread here.

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By day, Megaris looks to be an innocent, quaint small town with tea houses and sweet waterfront houses. However by night, one would do well to stay away from the province. Sometimes known as the 'Sleepless Town', Megaris houses the largest number of brothels and 'flute girls' available within the Kingdom, and it is almost an unspoken rule that if one wanted a good bit of 'fun', Megaris is the place to go.

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Megaris in cold blood
Reply By Mihail of Thanasi
Aug 8, 2021 21:50:55 GMT

A province suffering from being just across the sea from Magnemea, Nethisa takes the bulk of any escaped slaves and the slave traders who manage them. Plagued by drug dealing, and a recent influx of whores, it is obvious the main town in Nethisa suffers serious urban decay, especially with a rising rate of robbery and violent crime. It is ill-advised to traverse the streets of Nethisa alone, and definitely not without a weapon. to Add to this rumour and mystery, the dreaded Scorpion's Sting wander the streets and land of the province, a visual reminder of the mad baron in his dark castle.

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