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Isles of Naxos

A group of two smaller break aways of the Kirakles isles, the Isles of Naxos contain the island of Dolomesa and Magnemea - both Drakos provinces. If your thread does not fall specifically within these, or is in the nearby waters of this Isle, post your thread here.

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One of the largest provinces, population-wise, Dolomesa is perched right on the top of the mountains. In her belly, lies the source of her growth - a network of mines filled with the gold and silver Colchis is so famous for. The people of Dolomesa are hardworking, regardless of gender, age and capability. They all pull their worth in the day-to-day duties in order to fulfil their responsibilities to the Colchian crown. Dolomesa has various cart-way tracks that run throughout the whole town, serving the mines deep below. The peak of the town provides the best view of the whole of Colchis.

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Dolomesa Witness
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Aug 10, 2021 19:44:43 GMT

Magnemea is the dark province mother's threaten their children with. One of the two most populated provinces in Colchis, Magnemea is unlike its counterpart Dolomesa. The province looks more worst for wear, with alleyways running every which way. The towns, that all merge together into one big maze across the mountainside are easy to get lost in - and for good reason. Slave trades happen on a day to day basis here. Magnemea has its own harbour, where the slaves are shipped in and then brought to the market for sale. No matter which noble would purchase the men, women and children, however, they were all going to the same place. Down into the mines. The atmosphere in the town is poisonously oppressive, and it is obvious from the shabby houses and dirt roads that money is not spent on its towns, as the Magnemea nobility horde the gold for themselves in the furthest reaches of the mountains.

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