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The most populous area after Dolomesa and Magnemea, Arcanaes functions as a major production hub for Colchis. The province houses the most skilled goldsmiths whose workmanship is so fine, their products are prized throughout the land. As the most expensive province within the kingdom, Arcanaes is barricaded by the Kirakles mountains, making it highly difficult to access even after landing at the Midas docks.

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the manor in Arcanaes is set against one of the cliffsides with tiered gardens providing bursts of color and beauty against the rocky cliffs. Started by the grandmother of the current baron and his sister, it has become custom to bring back a new sort of plant or flower from each adventure to add to the collection in this hidden Colchian gem. The manor itself is mostly open air, with a center courtyard that holds a pond and fountains that are equally teaming with plant life, and a few private rooms for visiting and sleeping.

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