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Few cities reflect Colchis's history and wealth as well as the main settlements of Chaossis. Known as one of the most elegant places in Colchis, Chaossis has beautiful architecture and scenic alleys, stone-paved squares and ruins of an old Colchian castle made for a long-dead baroness atop a hill. One of Chaossis's top events of the year is Chalceia, where people from far and wide in Colchis will attend the celebration on the last day of Pyanopsion to honour Hephaestus as a deity of handicraft. The people of Chaossis are the largest producers of weaponry and swordcraft, along with jewellery and accessories woven from metal. The smell of smelting can always be sensed in the streets and the alleys are always hot with the heat of crafting fires during their long working hours.

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Situated high into the bedrock of the province of Chaossis, the manor of this barony is kept warm by the flames and fires of the many weapon forgers below. As heat rises through the rock, the household is kept cosy even in the frigid heights. Built tall, with four storeys to its name but thinner than most manors, the structure is half carved from the rock itself and half forged in dark and sturdy wood. The windows of the manor are pieced together with shimmering sections of coloured and painted glass. The entire affair is pretty by differing and looks as if the building had been worked into the mountainside's craggy shape.

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