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Whitewashed buildings creep up the hillside of Illytia, with narrow pathways that lead you to the top. Once there though, your reward will be a stunning view that reaches almost to Taengea on a good day, if you squint. The people of Illytia are all hardy and tough from all the uphill walkways of their province, and function as a midway point for anyone moving their exports or imports to or from portside towns.

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Belonging to the newest dynestia in Colchis, the manor house of Illytia is considerably more modern in comparison to other households. Made from the same marble as other houses within the province, the manor has the appearance of being more akin to a temple than a household due to its prime location atop one of the many hills. The interior also appears to be more of a museum than a home with historical objects on display throughout the halls. Although it is currently owned by Photis of Eliades, it is very rare to see the man here for more than a few days as the many artifacts throughout the house risk damage at the hands of the baron’s energetic twins.

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Archontikó Eliades

The temple of the Cypress Sisterhood is a large structure in a square shape that appears more like a single storey fortress then a temple. With columns of marbles running down its interior walls in order to create alcoved walkways down the sides of the wings, the decoration and grandeur of the temple is found on the inside, leaving the outside flat and cold, outward-facing walls, with windows large enough for light but too small for access. The temple is maintained by Initiatives and Priestesses alike as well as slaves kept on site. The four sections of the temple are dedicated to the front receiving and treatment rooms, the quarters belonging to the servants, slaves and eunuchs, the living rooms of the priestesses - dining chambers, council rooms etc. - and the bedrooms for the priestesses. In the centre of it all stands a Cypress tree, white with age and adored as a symbol of the Goddess to whom all within the walls of the temple dedicate their life to.

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The White Temple
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