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The Taengean Isles

Serenn, Emae, Macendia. The three Taengean isles collectively are the ruled kingdom of Taengea. Serenn is the name given to the largest landmass and includes the capitol and provinces owned by a multitude of families. Esme is a piece of land that supports several of the Dimitrou provinces and is mostly forest, and Macendia is a singular province in the Leventi name, run by its baron Georgios of Leventi and famous for its rolling hills and beautiful landscapes.

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The Isle of Serenn is the largest body in the Taengean waters. It is comprised, not only, of the majority of the kingdom's provinces but also its capitol city and the homes of the ruling classes. The coastlines of Serenn are fairly innocuous with the largest harbour being in Vasiliadon.

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Isle of Serenn Castles In The Sand
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Macendia is an island to the east of Serenn - just a few hours away by boat - and supports only a single province of the same name - the barony of Georgios of Leventi. This board redirects you to that province location.

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Isle of Macendia

The Isle of Emae is a smaller island to the south of Serenn - only a few hours by boat - that supports several of the Dimitrou provinces. It is mostly comprised of forestry and lush, green lands with plenty of wildlife and is a favourite for hunting pastures for the nobility of the land.

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Isle of Emae
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