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Isle of Emae

The Isle of Emae is a smaller island to the south of Serenn - only a few hours by boat - that supports several of the Dimitrou provinces. It is mostly comprised of forestry and lush, green lands with plenty of wildlife and is a favourite for hunting pastures for the nobility of the land.

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Located in the beautiful centre of Taengea, Chaoedia is surrounded by luscious green and verdant forests. Emerald landscapes are as far as the eye can see, with a gentle breeze a constant presence around the province. The buildings retain basic Taengean architecture, with pretty colourful houses nestled in the craggy hillsides. The dense forests are kept beautiful and abundant, and all of which are managed by the Dimitrou family.

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Considered one of the most beautiful towns in Taengea, Meganea is built on a sheer cliff, and provides a breathtaking view of the kingdom - if you manage to scale its sides, that is. The hike up is not easy, and definitely not for the untrained, but the view is worthwhile.

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If you want good food - get to Oettias. Seemingly producing the best chefs in the kingdom, Oettias chefs have often been hired as palace chefs, which makes the natives of this province horribly proud. They pride themselves on great seafood, and the seafront promenade has plenty of vendors selling freshly caught fish.

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