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Located in the beautiful centre of Taengea, Chaoedia is surrounded by luscious green and verdant forests. Emerald landscapes are as far as the eye can see, with a gentle breeze a constant presence around the province. The buildings retain basic Taengean architecture, with pretty colourful houses nestled in the craggy hillsides. The dense forests are kept beautiful and abundant, and all of which are managed by the Dimitrou family.

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A one story sprawling house set in a clearing atop a hill, there is little in way of gardens or excessive outdoor space that doesn’t merge into the forest, save for the stables and paddocks just a quick walk down the hillside. The trees around the manor are the oldest as they have been left to stand for the longest, and it is just a brief ride down to the village itself through a road that has been worn through frequent travel by the lords and their people. The courtyard in the center holds a simple fountain depicting Artemis and her nymphs.

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