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A small unassuming town in Taengea, perhaps the most drawing thing about this town was the large glass-blowing factory situated right in the centre of Doralis, with an attached tavern. Owned by the Condos family, the glass blowing factory functions mainly to produce the bottles used to contain the wine produced by the Condos vineyards. However, the glass-blowers also produce small knick knacks which they put for sale. On the edge of the town, is a small shrine dedicated to Dionysus, where a glass of wine is presented every other day as an offering for the god.

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The cardinal home of the Condos family is an imposing structure, designed to delicately balance masculine power with feminine beauty. The home is centered around one massive marble cube, standing at an impressive three stories tall, and boasts a cascade of smaller cubes to the left and right that form the wings of the estate. The manor's main floor houses the wine cellars, guarded by a colossal arched gate, and guests are instead greeted by two grand staircases that spiral up towards the second floor's balcony. The angular cubes and stately Corinthian columns harmonize with the intricate friezes and carvings that wind around the home in feminine elegance, and the male and female energies are bound together in a colossal sculpture of the Condos crest overlooking the home's courtyard and vineyards below.

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Kalospíti Condos
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