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House Ethics
Only the strong survive. One life does not mean more than many. Respect the seas and their master. Glory is found in smart victory.
Head of House
Family Tree
Crixius of Vlahakis
m. Merith of Almosis
- ♖ @dexios
m. @rhene
- @lykon
- @lazaros
- @skylar
- @katerina
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Barony: @dexios
Population: 1,200
Military Unit: The Siren's Call
Main Export: Fish
Sub-Exports: Ship figureheads, trinkets, shellfish.
A seaside district on the edges of Colchis, Almosis is famous for its beautiful views of the sun setting into the Grecian sea, silhouetting the kingdom's protective Hydra's Teeth. What had started as a small fishing town, slowly became a centre for quick daily jaunts from Midas for a brief reprieve from the busy city. The quaint district holds a peaceful atmosphere and at night the lanterns bring to live open-air markets selling Almosis delicacies and handicrafts made for sale as souvenirs and gifts.
Varónos of Vlahakis
"Be the Wave, Not the Rock"
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Varónos of Vlahakis


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