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Ghani District

The richer areas of Cairo with wider streets and larger buildings, there are several that are more than a single storey tall and many have towers and columns reminiscent of arabian design, popular some hundred years ago in the first building of Cairo.

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The Hei to be most recently added to the level of nobility, the Abaddi home is fresh and new, built with the financial offering given by the Pharaoh along with their title. It is a large structure, two storeys high with a spire on each corner. The upper level is only half the size of the lower, offering a broad balcony level from which one can sit and view the pyramids of Giza.

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Saraaya H'Abaddi

The Haikaddad are one of the longest established noble Heis and moved their home from Thebes to Cairo when it was made the new capital fifty years ago. As such, their home holds all the signs of trappings and belongings that a family of this rank and age should display but is slowly showing small signs of disrepair...

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Saraaya H'Haikaddad

The home of the Isazari house is one of great beauty. On only a single level in the shape of an L, the two wings of the manor create an open square space in which the Isazari are meticulous about keeping greenery and flowers, even in the hottest of months, displaying their wealth and power simply through their access to enough clean water to keep the plants alive. Within the manor are tapestries on every wall and rugs on every floor showing off the craftsmanship of the women in their patroned province of Mansa.

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Saraaya H'Isazari
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