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Location: Isle of Serenn > Taengea > Greece
IC Date: Posidaios, 672 BC
Open To: All Players
Closing: 1st August 2021

The Dionysa is a single moment in the year when women are permitted the opportunity of liberation. From their households, from their duties and from the typical roles and responsibilities of their gender. Women of this era would not consider themselves restrained or caged by their sex; for they are as defined by their biology as their male counterparts are. Where women must tend the homes, the men must fight in war. Where women may not participate in Senatorial meets, men may not have a say in the education of their children. Each is a side of a coin that facilitates an effective and fruitful society. And yet, there is curiosity. There is forever interest in that which is not deemed for ourselves. In the Dionysa, a woman is given a single day and night to behave in a manner befitting men. For a short period, they can operate only as male members of their society would normally be allowed. Weaponry, drunkenness, leud behaviour... It is all accepted in the sun and moon cycle of the Dionysa.

During the day, it is expected that the women may dance wild, drink wine, shout like banshees and even eat the raw meat of animals hunted by their own hand. They may engage in the frenzy of the hunt, wear weapons and no longer care for their feminine appearance. By night, the habits of the body are semi-accepted. Sexual pleasure or simply the ability to be outside of the household after dark without question, reigns supreme, hidden beneath the dusky skies. At night, bonfires are set along the shoreline of the capital, where women uninterested in the company of naked bodies may dance and sing. Clothing is always optional during the Dionysa...

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