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The Spice Road

Location: Central Plateia > Athenia > Greece
IC Date: Artamisios, 672 BC
Open To: All Players
Closing: 28th August 2021

Ah, the lands of the exotic. The smell of cinnamon and cumin, the warmth of paprika in the air. The soft touch of custom honeys and oils, formed from a lady's most preferred scents. The world of the senses has come to Athenia this day.

As the hot, summer sun beats down upon the Athenian capitol, its rays pass through sheets of orange and red. Garlands of wooden beads, wind-chimes and bones used for psychic readings dance and sway ever so gently in the barely-existent breeze. In truth, it is the people who make such wind, not the clouds. They pass by in a flurry, solo or in packs. They clamber between patrons, squeeze between stalls and follow their noses as they hunt for that perfect scent. Others hurry because they have been separated from loved ones in the crush, moving towards the centre of the plateia where an open fountain gives a semblance of space and fresh air. The water, drawn deep from its well is a welcome sight for many and some sit upon its shallow wall, as if to guard this precious commodity.

If you are one who loves to witness the unusual, who may be drawn into sales of spices and incense, then this is the place for you. Come and join a world of sensual pleasure and exciting tastes, beneath the burning summer sun...

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