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Birth of a Queen

Location: Mikaelidas Palati > Taengea > Greece
IC Date: Teleos, 677 BC
Open To: All Players
Closing: 4th September 2021

Birthdays are an event to be celebrated. Even in ancient times did the people of Greece seek to celebrate the day of their birth. And none such celebrations should outshine that of the Queen's. Queen Elise is hosting a festivities for the anniversary of her birth within the Mikaelidas Palati. For some - her nearest and dearest - this event is a chance to pass on favoured gifts to ward off evil spirits (for they come for you on such a day each year otherwise) and bid congratulations to th Queen. For those of lower standing or more detached from the workings of the royal family, it is an opportunity to see inside the palace, to experience the majesty of such a hall and gardens and to gorge oneself on free wine and the finest of foods. And yet, we pray, be cautious... For someone has seen fit to spike the punch at this event. Should you drink from your goblet too deeply you will find yourself far more intoxicated than you had ever intended. Let us all dive for cover as the tongues start to wag and the elegant individuals of the Taengean Court begin to lose their faculties one by one...

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