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Event: Anger of the Earth
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Location: Lower Levels > Colchis > Greece
IC Date: Artamisios, 672 BC
Open To: All Players
Closing: 28th August 2022

As Colchis reels from recent economic losses, the restriction of coin has been felt all over the kingdom. The cost of wheat and rice grain has risen and the stock of foreign food resources like vegetables and fruit has diminished. Market day is limited and the funds to payf or it even more so. Those with little money now have none. Those with some have been diminished to a little. Only the rich are truly untouched by the downturn. With generations of wealth accumulated in their vaults, there is no means by which the royal houses can altogether suffer the financial cost of such times.

Instead, however, they find themselves responsible for the people. They are approached for answers, accused of responsibility and demanded of charity. To what extent will the ruling classes of Colchis support their people upon bended knee and, at what point does it become a sacrilege to bloodline and authority to allow a populace to rule over the noble?

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