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Character Awards
The icons shown above your character posts, indicate the activity with which they've been used. You might be looking at a character who has gotten into a lot of fist fights. Who has fallen in love multiples times. Perhaps another that has successfully posted lots of small posts or achieved our giant 5K post special award. You can tell, at a glance, what kind of character it is and how a player likes to write them. You can also find the awards listed on a character's profile page. General Awards These character awards are achieved through in-character activity. This might be posting certain stories or events or reaching a certain level of activity with a character. These awards are designed to encourage diversity in threads and spark new ideas for creating stories.
Please NoteCollect all of the below awards across your characters to achieve the Collecto-King/Queen profile badge. It is not necessary to also achieve the Special Awards further down this page.
Flying Start
Complete 10 in-character threads.
On A Roll
Complete 30 in-character threads.
Complete 60 in-character threads.
Pro Writer
Write 20 posts of 500+ words.
Ace Reporter
Write 10 posts of 1,500+ words.
Going on an Adventure
Partake in 3+ Quests
Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey
Complete 10+ threads in the Alternate Reality board.
Chariots of Fire
Participate in a chariot race in Assyria.
Hold Your Breath
Near-drown in the Aegean Sea.
Hanging Out
Visit the Hanging Gardens of Babylonia.
Hourglass of Time
Survive a sandstorm in the Bedoa'mt lands.
Land Down Under
Complete a thread in the Colchian Mines.
Red River
Visit the rivers of the Hattusa planes.
Belt of Orion
Visit the Giza pyramids in K'm't.
To Valhalla
Participate in an Ostjord war ceremony/ritual.
Artful Dodger
Purchase or steal a piece of fine art in a Roma thread.
Attend a Phoenician temple in 3+ threads.
Hundred Acre Wood
Complete 3+ threads in the Taengean woodlands.
Aegeas Event Master
Attend 5+ Hattusa and Hellas Events.
Europa / Ostjord Event Master
Attend 5+ Roma, Osthoj and Valland Events.
Sa'hra Event Master
Attend 5+ Bedoa'mt and K'm't Events.
Sharqaan Event Master
Attend 5+ Assyria, Babylonia and Phoenicia Events.
Complete an in-character thread in every land.
In a Galaxy Far, Far Away...
Complete 3+ threads in the Lands Afar board.
Play a character for 2+ OOC years.
And a Bottle of Rum
Complete 3+ threads set at sea.
We're Both In Barrels
Stowaway on an in-play character's ship.
Curious Incident
Complete 3+ threads outside, away from home, at night.
Bloody Nose
Get into a fist fight in 3+ threads.
Adrian !
Participate in 5+ competitive/official fights.
Seeing Stars
Be knocked out or pass out in 3+ threads.
Rise and Shine
Be rudely awoken in 3+ threads.
Under the Influence
Be uncontrollably drunk in 3+ threads.
Puff the Magic Dragon
Be under the influence of drugs in 3+ threads.
Poker Face
Play a game of chance/gamble in 3+ threads.
The Humble Fan
Lie to an in-play character's face in 5+ threads.
Butter Fingers
Break something of high value in 3+ threads.
Dirty Tea Leaf
Steal something precious from an in-play character.
Blaze of Glory
Commit a deliberate act of arson.
If It Bleeds
Kill a wild animal that threatens to kill you.
Take A Bite
Be poisoned by an in-play character.
Where It Hurts
Torture an in-play character.
Murder Row
Kill an in-play character.
Read Your Rights
Get arrested and imprisoned by official personnel.
Most Wanted
Be actively hunted by an in-play character.
Great Escape
Escape or narrowly avoid a dicey situation in 3+ threads.
Whistle While You Work
Clean up a mess in 3+ threads.
Sacred Heart
Doctor an in-play character back to health.
Sing Sweet Nightingale
Whistle, hum or sing in 5+ threads.
Pretty Little Things
Create a piece of artwork in 3+ threads.
Just a Kiss
Mend, sew or labour over cloth in 3+ threads.
Theory of Everything
Attend class or a tutor session in 5+ threads.
They Are The Future
Entertain children in 3+ threads.
How You Doin'?
Flirt shamelessly with different characters in 3+ threads.
Dropping Trou
Be completely naked in 3+ threads.
Head Over Heels
Confess yourself madly in love with an in-play character.
For Better or Worse
Be married to an in-play character.
Pitter Patter
Become a parent, in-game.
Cry Me a River
Cry in 5+ threads.
Moment of Silence
Lose an immediate member of your family in-game.
Special Awards Special awards have been created in honour of key IC moments on Aeipathy that have left our community reeling! These awards aren't basic cut outs or inspiration / motivation for writing but, instead, have come from community jokes or previously roleplayed stories. The on-going themes have translated into special awards that are here just for the fun of it! Any character can achieve them but they are not necessary for claiming the Collecto-King/Queen profile badge.
Golden Quill
Write a 5K post (not a starter).
Sexy Orange
Turn something innocuous very sensual.
Belen's Eye
Lose a body piece/part/limb, in game.
Do the dirty with +vangelis.

Oh, The Shame
Excrete bodily fluids on a reigning monarch.
Key Hunt Trophies Every so often, we host a key hunt on Aeipathy. The challenge is simple: to locate a hidden key icon in one of the boards, threads, images etc. Once found, the player that discovered the key gets a special item for their character that they can use for their own plot devices or which could impact on future global stories. Here are the past items found, that are currently still in play.
Treasure Map
Found by: +kaia

Found here: Plunder
IC Date: Posidaios, 972 BC
OOC Date: May, 2021
Lock Box
Found by: +mihail

Found here: Hidden Treasures
IC Date: Posidaios, 972 BC
OOC Date: May, 2021
Claim an Award Several of our awards are automatically added to your character's profile when achieved (such as when you discover a key hunt treasure). Others require you to claim the award from our staff team. Awards and their corresponding points are added to our profiles and accounts manually so please allow our staff team three working days to add any requests to your account. You can request the addition of an award using this code and sending it to our IC Deputy.
[b]User Alias[/b] Your name.
[b]Character Link:[/b] Please @tag the character that has achieved the award.
[b]Name of Award:[/b] Please copy the name of the award listed on this page (Character Awards).
[b]Award Level:[/b] 1, 2 or 3?
[b]Other Characters:[/b] Please @tag all your characters here, so that we can ensure your points are added correctly across your accounts.
Character Awards
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