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Funding Aeipathy
Aeipathy is an advanced site with many features, plugins, tools and bonus material that aren't normally available on roleplay forums. Some of these features are not free and our staff team are committed to the cost of keeping Aeipathy running in all its glory. That being said, if our memberbase chooses to contribute to the funding of Aeipathy, we are always thankful! In an effort of full disclosure and transparency, the costs of running Aeipathy are listed below so you can see just how much any financial contributions help keep us going! Aeipathy Costs Below are the costs of running Aeipathy. Our Global Admin, JD, funds this costs herself, whether the site is active or not and pledges to continue to do so for the foreseeable future. If you'd like to help mitigate the cost of Aeipathy, see below for ways you can help!

Per MonthPer AnnumMonthly Sum
Site Hosting$49.99$49.99
External Hosting$96$8
Custom URL$17$1.42
Discord Bots$4, $8, $8$49.99$24.17
Custom CBox$20$1.67
Interative Map$127.12$10.60
$95.85 /month
How to Support Keep Aeipathy Awesome
The cheapest (and by cheapest we mean free!) way our members can keep the costs of Aeipathy worth-while is to keep the site as amazing as it can be, thus inspiring others to believe we're worth a financial contribution! Check out our Improving Aeipathy page to see how you can help us be our very worthiest!
Social Media
There are multiple ways a site can gain income via traffic! To bring higher numbers of interested parties to Aeipathy may, in the future, help support us financially! To that end, following us, sharing our content and engaging with our social media accounts is another - totally free! - way that members can help cover the costs of the site.

Patreon Sponsorship
Signing up to sponsor Aeipathy on a monthly basis hugely helps support our community and custom features! You can do this through our Patreon page for varying amounts, or select a custom contribution!

Ko-Fi Tip Jar
If a monthly membership is too much commitment but you still want to show your love for Aeipathy, we also have a Tip Jar! Through Ko-Fi you can pay a one-off tip of $5, or keep that $5 coming each month - entirely your choice!
Funding Aeipathy
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Aeipathy's layout was skinned exclusively by JD for Aeipathy. Our writing home has been open since June 2018. All original content © to the original staff team. Lore additions made by the community are © to Aeipathy itself. All character content © to the members. Any similarities to people or settings, fictional or real, living or dead, is purely coincidental. Please no stealing of our skin or our world. Come join us instead! Thank you to all who help make Aeipathy great!