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45 Years of Age

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Face Claim
Colin Jackson
Ahanti of the Somalu
His Greatness, Leier Ahanti of the Somalu, Birthed Heir of Leier Abdulakareem of the Somalu and Leieren Quvenzhan of the Somalu, Royal of Bedoa
A loving father to his daughters but a cold husband to his wife, Ahanti is a man who married for beauty over love and in doing so later considers it to be his greatest misjudgement. His relationship with Jahzara is calm, perfunctory and little more. There is no personal distaste or argument but there is also no connection or joy; no affection or like-mindedness. Jahzara is ambitious and shallow and Ahanti is content and proud. Neither admit to the feelings of discontent between them but both are intelligent enough to know that they are there. Ahanti can't help but envy his sister's choice to marry for love, even it if was to an Egyptian and caused her to leave the tribe. Despite this, however, Ahanti holds great love and affection for his two daughters - the bright spots in an otherwise loveless marriage that he has yet to balance with a second one; for he intends on his next partnership being only one of great love.
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