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Djimon Hounsou
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Chiamaka of the Buuchu
His Greatness, Leier Chiamaka of the Buuchu, Birthed Son of Leier Kwabena of the Buuchu and Leieren Leubane of the Buuchu, Royal of Bedoa
Leier of the Buuchu tribe, Chiamaka is a man of honour and integrity. After the death of his brother during a hunting accident when his children were only small, Chiamaka has been serving in his place as Leier of his people, determined to never have children and pass the mantel to his nephews upon his demise - as it should have been passed upon his brother's. With a belief system so strong it approaches (and crosses) the line of social decorum into the realm of bluntness, Chiamaka is a man for whom right and wrong is so clearly pronounced it is unwavering. So defined by his beliefs, to the point of being obtuse, Chiamaka is a hard man to please and an impossible one to impress. Rather than kind words and physical affection, his family know of his love through his devout loyalty and his refusal to claim total ownership over a position of power that will one day belong to his nephews; believing himself no more than a convenient guardian for the title, despite his natural gifts in leadership and bravery.
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