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Jeff Bridges

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Dastros of Nikolaos
His Lordship, Varónos Dastros of Nikolaos, Birthed Son of Calix of Varónos Nikolaos and Adara of Athenia, Senator of Athenia
Like his brother, Dastros was raised within a familial culture that encouraged fairness, efficiency, empathy and diplomacy. As he grew older, his brother was given lessons in business while he was directed towards law, readying him for the day when he would take over as baron of Magnestis.

The two brothers were often heralded in the area as sturdy, commendable sort of men but unlikely to cause any form of gossip-worthy scandal or interesting tale. In short, they were dependable but boring.

Their lives, however, soon took a turn, as both boys married within a year of one another - Stavros through an arranged union and Dastros through love. Ianthe was the head serving girl for Stavros' new bride Myrine. Many commented that a union with a servant would only hinder Dastros future position in court but, as time would tell, rank had no effect on the value of each wife. While Myrine was discovered to be a meek and quiet young woman, useless in politics or business beyond the money her merchant family brought to the match, Ianthe turned out to be a strong willed individual, eager to learn and quick to develop the skills of an elegant lady. Before the birth of her first daughter, Ianthe had already made a promising start for herself as a courtier on the arm of her well respected husband.

Along with falling for a surprisingly suitable wife, Dastros has also made a name for himself within the Athenian court as a level headed, clear and decisive man who is able to balance the understanding of the legal word with the comprehension of human emotion. A man to never raise his voice or demand attention, he has become a baron highly sought by his subordinates or peers when a mediatory voice is needed. Many have quoted that his encyclopedic knowledge of Athenian law and his objective mindset would make him a worthy Master of Law but for that Dastros would have to have personal ambition and, instead, is a man who loves his family and duty too much to remove himself from their leadership.

With regards to his family, Dastros loves all his children but his calm demeanour can sometimes be translated as lack of interest. His eldest son has an adventurous spirit that Dastros encourages but does not share and, as his two eldest daughters have grown and become more involved with the gossip and politics of the court, he has lost common ground with each of them as common gender roles are established. With his younger children, Dastros still has a simple father-child relationship that he is more familiar with (though Castor now reaches an age where his brother is more his hero than his father) and the sweet temperament and artistic side of Rene has caused her to become a soft spot for Dastros. Slightly detached Dastros may seem, but his love for his children is strong; simply expressed differently with each of them.

Similar to this, Dastros shares a strong, respectful and trusting relationship with Ianthe that does not need the pomp and circumstance of public affection and grand displays of passion. Instead, the couple save their intimacies for behind closed doors and enjoy, just as much, their powerful friendship in the daylight hours.
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