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Elhanan of Ezra
His Lordship, Mahnheeg Elhanan of Ezra, Birthed Son of Mahnheeg Ezra of Eachann and Bamant Lilith of Ezra, Councilman of Judea
The first and only son to be produced by Ezra and his first wife Lilith, Elhanan was a boy raised to lead the Haviv family from day one. When his mother contracted the disease of leprosy, she was shipped away to live out the rest of her life where she would never again walk the streets of Ammun nor spread her contagion to her child. Ezra's second wife was wed much later and produced a brother to whom Elhanan was more a father than sibling. Ensuring his brother's marriage to a young woman he had found a love match with and marrying two women himself, Elhanan has ensured the future of the Haviv name through his careful planning, self-sacrificing ways and his almost unemotional objectivity in where to focus his attentions; both with family and the city he runs with a perfectionist eye.
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