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Gurion of Noah
His Lordship, Mahnheeg Gurion of Noah, Birthed Son of Mahnheeg Noah of Galloway and Bamant Kakalina of Noah, Councilman of Judea
Twenty years ago, Egypt was an invading force on the western border of the Judean provinces - mostly specifically on the outer territories of Israel. These battles and skirmishes for land in between the two kingdoms led to many Judean deaths as the kingdom operates no personal or national militant forces. In the ensuing combat, many hospice settlements were set up along the western Israeli border, spearheaded by Gurion's wife Hanna. Upon them being old enough to work, the wives of Gurion's sons assisted in such efforts. When a diseased soldier of Egyptian origin was brought into the medical facility the Azari family was one of many hit by tragedy. Even more so that all three women where, by this point, mothers. Gurion's loss was great but that of his sons was greater. He and Hanna had had an arranged marriage while each of his sons had married for love. Since then, the family have grown infinitely closer, the three single fathers banding together to raise the family's next generation as one. Since this incident, Gurion has made it his mission to ensure the financial strength of Israel through trade and to avoid any further militant encroachment from Egypt. The arrangement he has settled with the Greek Taengean forces, keeps the Egyptians away from the residences in the outer reaches of his province, lines the Israeli city's treasury and benefits the Greeks to ensure fast deployment into Egypt at the first sign of trouble. Gurion is not a weak-willed man but he is also not blind to the benefit the Greek presence offers to the city and spends most of his days defending such political decisions to the Council of Elders and to his civilian people.
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