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54 Years of Age

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Colin Salmon
@milandu Extended
Mejdan of the Mekaki
His Greatness, Leier Mejdan of the Mekaki, Birthed Heir of Leier Sindhile of the Mekaki and Leieren Melokuhle of the Mekaki, Royal of Bedoa
As Leier of the Mekaki tribe, Mejdan is a surprisingly quiet man. While his first wife, Safara, has a commanding and intelligent way about her and his own lips remain shut, one would be foolish to assume that his counterpart is in charge. Mejdan is a thoughtful, considerate and almost scarily intelligent man who knows the value of allowing everyone else to talk if it brings them to his preferred conclusion without him forcing it. He understands the benefit of handing someone enough rope to hang themselves with. He recognises that to allow his relatives to speak on his behalf 90% of the time, he himself is listened to with great grandeur and attention when he feels it necessary to verbalise his thoughts the other 10%. This is man not to be underestimated by any stretch of the imagination and he will use every opportunity he can to encourage others to do so.
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