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Current Age
52 Years of Age

Ancestral Faith


Marital Status


Face Claim
Don Cheadle
Morathi of the Rwandi
His Greatness, Leier Morathi of the Rwandi, Birthed Heir of Leier Qani of the Rwandi and Leieren Manica of the Rwandi, Royal of Bedoa
A fair-minded and self-confident man, Morathi is a great thinker and philosopher and enjoys speaking with his first wife on many matters. More an equal team than perhaps any other tribe can adhere to - with so many women around him it seems natural that Morathi would buck the trend of sexism ever so slightly - the man has great respect for both his wives though is on a more cognitive level of understanding with Durah, while shares his bed more often with Farashuu. With a very different relationship with each woman, he is not unaware of the tensions between them but considers the relationship to be their territory within which to work and does nothing to sway their feelings towards one another one way or the other. Instead, he focuses on his daughters whom he loves and cherishes, despite an obvious desire for a son and heir.
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