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Stanley Tucci
Moshehh of Seth
His Lordship, Mahnheeg Moshehh of Seth, Birthed Son of Mahnheeg Seth of Iakovos and Bamant Yardena of Seth, Mahnheeg of Judea
Leader of Moab, Moshehh is a man with a strange ability. Without harshness, bluntness or rage, he commands his city with a straight-laced hold of integrity that comes from neither fear nor power. With his simple and compassionate ways, ability to connect with others and to understand the way of the world, Moshehh has been able to balance the trade and business of his city but less that of his sons. A single man with only so much time in his day, his focus has been upon keeping Moab and his position on the Council of Elders secure so that the home and legacy he offers his children will never be at risk. Despite spending most of their childhood days with nurses, nannies, servants and stewards, the children he was always home in time to see before slumber have grown up with an understanding for the importance of their father and his occupation, as well as great love and respect for his work ethic and determination for their future as a family.
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