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Dermot Mulroney
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Nikolias of Condos
His Lordship, Lord Nikolias of Condos, Birthed Heir of Lord Nikos of Dynasteía Condos and Lady Agalia of Dynasteía Mikaelidas, Senator of Taengea
Nikolias missed out on becoming king of Taengea through the sole fluke of his royal parent being born a woman. While it can't be said that Nikolias is happy about this chain of events he is certainly not bitter, being raised by a father who was head of his own noble House and determined to instill a sense of pride on his son for his family name. Nikolias has grown up comporting himself as the king he might have once been, while also caring greatly for a woman his marriage was arranged to when they were children. He and Olivia now share a strong bond of respect and affection and Nikolias deeply loves his children.
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