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The Basics

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Current Age
57 Years of Age

Ancestral Faith


Marital Status


Face Claim
Ernie Hudson
Otiambo of the Nubi
His Greatness, Leier Otiambo of the Nubi, Birthed Son of Leier Olajuwan of the Nubi and Leieren Rethabile of the Nubi, Royal of Bedoa
A hardened warrior in his youth, Othiambo has grown into a man that seems to have gripped old age with an eagerness and excitement that belongs to a man who expected himself not to see the other side of 40. Having fought in many skirmishes with raiders or other tribes, Othiambo has collected many scars over the years - some emotional and some physical. While openly friendly and cordial, if anyone asks to see such badges of honour, however, Othiambo becomes stoic and sombre, his enthusiasm gone. The strange freckle on his arm or the bizarre mole on his back, however? You can't escape from being shown. Othiambo is a patient and kind father to his sons and a doting grandfather to Lu'lu.
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