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Simeon of Nissim
His Lordship, Mahnheeg Simeon of Nissim, Birthed Son of Mahnheeg Nissim of Uriah and Bamant Brachah of Nissim, Mahnheeg of Judea
Simeon is a devout man with an edge and will of steel. So faithful in his beliefs is he that to siddle even too close to a line even moderately connected with the connotation of "sin" is to prepare for the fate of stoning or execution. To him, God's word is law above all else and be believes entirely in the power of the mighty smiting that can befall those who waiver from the true path. Simeon runs Jerusalem with the fear of the Almighty as his main tool of order but he is also a man for whom the benefits of faith should be considered too and he is careful to ensure that some of the budget for the city is spent on those who aid the poor and downtrodden; so that they might find themselves back on the righteous path. At home, Simeon is as strong-willed as he is in his duties running the city and believes that the Meier family is to be the pinnacle of piousness and appropriate behaviour. As such, he become intolerable and rage-filled if any of his family members step outside of what is considered good and right. Whether it's a meal prepared improperly - showing disrespect for the husband who has worked hard all day - clothing that is not worn appropriately (especially religious items) or a failure to respect the sabbath, Simeon can become most angry, fuelled by his Old Testament faith and determined to smite out any behaviours that are unfit for the Meier Mahnheeg.
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