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Tzephaniah of Lazaros
His Lordship, Mahnheeg Tzephania of Lazaros, Birthed Son of Mahnheeg Lazaros of Gedalya and Bamant Sadie of Lazaros, Mahnheeg of Judea
Tzephaniah is a man of great faith and love for his city province. To him, Damascus is a place of sanctity, sacredness and peace. He believes the city to be the greatest place on earth; the most holy and closest to God. He does not understand why anyone of faith would want to live anywhere else, aside from perhaps Jerusalem. A devout scholar from a young age, Tzephaniah has always had a great love of books and believes in recording the events of the city around him for posterity, spending an hour every evening dedicated to writing down the comings and goings of the people of Damascus. When he was a teenager, Tzephaniah met a woman of such purity and timidity of soul, he felt for sure she must have been a holy woman. Taking her as his wife and producing three sons from the union, Tzephaniah could not have been happier in his life and family. Until the day he discovered his demure and pure wife in bed with another man. Torn between heartbreak and confusion, Tzephaniah heard nothing of his wife's complaints that he paid her no attention or showed her no love; he only heard her determination to leave. She and her lover abandoned the city of Damascus that night and Tzephaniah has ever since had a distrust, uncertainty and small element of fear with regards to the supposedly "fairer" sex.
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