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The Basics

Biological Sex

Current Age
33 Years of Age



Marital Status


Face Claim
Michael Fassbender
Zacharias of Mikaelidas
His Highness, Crown Prince Zacharias of Mikaelidas, Birthed Son of King Zenon of Dynasteía Mikaelidas and Queen Elise of Dynasteía Mikaelidas, Royal of Taengea
To all who know him, Zacharias of Mikaelidas is the perfect prince. Dignified, stoic, politely charming. Courageous, intelligent and determined enough to seek solutions that benefit all parties as well as his own. Zacharias dedicates all that he does, on the war field or in the political Courts to the glory of Taengea, following in his father's desire for a peaceful future. However, there is one way in which Zacharias is not the perfect heir to the throne. With a secret love for his own sex, Zacharias has so far managed to avoid discussions of marriage or engagement requests. But matters are looking more serious as he heads into an age where children are his next patriotic duty...
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