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Richard Madden
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Zanon of Kotas
His Highness, Prince Zanon of Kotas, Birthed Son of King Tython of Dynasteía Kotas and Queen Yanni of Dynasteía Dimitrou, Royal of Colchis
Softer-hearted and more emotional than his older brother, Zanon is intelligent, educated and a smooth and capable fighter. Brave and determined, he is a strong and supportive Commander to his older brother's status as General and is almost as feared as his brother - mostly for his creativity and smart tactics - rather than his brother's willingness to decimate his enemies. Before being married, Zanon was well known for his charm amongst the women of Colchis and, whilst currently loyal to his wife, he persists with this charisma in holding the Court together whenever his father and brother are away at war.
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