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Neve Campbell
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Zevah of Josiah
Her Ladyship, Bamant Zevah of Josiah, Birthed Daughter of Lord Abner of Adonijah and Lady Raakel of Abner, Councilwoman of Judea
The first wife to be taken by Josiah, Zevah is a woman of logical thinking. Stoic, calm and thoughtful of all options, she has been a woman often considered to be dull or boring; a sturdy wife to be sure. Upon her marriage, however, Zevah began to grow and change, luxuriating in her position as a married woman; without pressure or expectation for future unions and grew within herself at Josiah's side. When her blooded sister became Josiah's second wife, Zevah found still more independence. Whilst Zevah and Josiah's union had been arranged, the match between he and her sister was one of great lust, allowing Zevah a freedom away from any future child-bearing and focused on the two daughters she had already given her husband. Now, after her husband's death, Zevah is at her most free. Happily engaging in discreet relations with important men of the Judah state and using their besotted attentions to maintain a position of support for her family, Zevah works closely with her sister to ensure the future of the Barak Mahnheeg for future heirs.
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