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House Ethics
Hard work is deserving of respect - no matter the field. Fail to plan and you plan to fail. Success is something you build, season upon season.
Head of House
Family Tree
Nikos of Condos
m. Aglaia of Mikaelidas
- ♖ @nikolias
m. @olivia
- @marisa
m. Photis of Eliades
- @nikos
- @ophelia
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Barony: @nikos
Population: 3,800
Military Unit: The Knives
Main Export: Glass
Sub-Exports: Wine, trinkets, jewellery.
A small unassuming town in Taengea, perhaps the most drawing thing about this town was the large glass-blowing factory situated right in the centre of Doralis, with an attached tavern. Owned by the Condos family, the glass blowing factory functions mainly to produce the bottles used to contain the wine produced by the Condos vineyards. However, the glass-blowers also produce small knick knacks which they put for sale. On the edge of the town, is a small shrine dedicated to Dionysus, where a glass of wine is presented every other day as an offering for the god. Other Provinces
Barony Open
Barony Open
Barony Open
Barony Open
Dynasteía of Condos
"Never Shall We Yield"
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