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House Ethics
Integrity above greed. Stay true to your family. Protect those weaker than yourself at all costs. Family is more important than name.
Head of House
Family Tree
Biras of Dimitrou
m. Elli of Vasiliádon
— Theus
m. Saras of Vasiliádon
— Sofia of Dimitrou
m. Ilias of Mikaelidas (see Dynasteía Mikaelidas)
— Ella of Dimitrou
m. Michalis of Dimitrou
— Lazaros of Dimitrou
m. Louiza of Condos
— Myros of Dimitrou
m. Laila of Vasiliadon
— ♖ @gavriil
m. Sybil of Vasiliádon
m. @evangelina
— @iason
— @dorothea
— @alexa
— @yanni
m. @tython (see Dynasteía Kotas)
— @dorotheos
— @myrto
m. @irakles (see Dynasteía Mikaelidas)
— Laeus of Dimitrou
m. Millie of Vasiliádon
— Michalis of Dimitrou
m. Ella of Dimitrou (see above)
— Gaia of Dimitrou
m. Pellios of Condos (see Dynasteía Condos)
Recent Threads
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Barony: @gavriil
Population: 1,800
Military Unit: Hammer of the Sky
Main Export: Horses
Sub Exports: Timber, flowers, grain.
Considered one of the most beautiful towns in Taengea, Meganea is built on a sheer cliff, and provides a breathtaking view of the kingdom - if you manage to scale its sides, that is. The hike up is not easy, and definitely not for the untrained but the view is worthwhile. Chaoedia
Barony: @iason
Population: 2,600
Military Unit: The Storm of Arrows
Main Export: Timber
Sub-Exports: Grain, rice, vegetables, fruits.
Located in the beautiful center of Taengea, Chaoedia is surrounded by luscious green and verdant forests. Emerald landscapes is as far as the eye can see, with a gentle breeze a constant presence around the province. The buildings retain basic Taengean architecture, with pretty colourful houses nestled in the craggy hillsides. The dense forests are kept beautiful and abundant, and all of which are managed by the Dimitrou family. Other Provinces
Barony Open
Barony Open
Dynasteía of Dimitrou
"Unity. Strength. Victory."
Dynasteía of Dimitrou
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