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A city of gold. That is what Arcasis is known as, mostly for the fields upon fields of golden grain that glint in the sun’s rays both at sunrise and sunset. The harvest is not, however, the only thing plentiful in the province. By far the most populated in all of Athenia, Arcasis is said to be a dreamer’s paradise. There are things to do at all hours of the night. Opportunity lurks around each and every corner, and it is said that no one departs Arcasis without fulfilling their destiny.

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King of Olympians, it is fitting that the temple to the God of Thunder is not a subtle affair. Huge stone pillars form the outer walls to this towering tribute to Zeus himself. Within, a carved marble representation of the God, reaching up almost to the skies he rules over, sits upon a throne of gold. A shallow pool reflects the gilded ornamentation of the statue, with the pious leaving their offerings to the god along the raised edge.

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Naós of Zeus
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