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Up until very recently the poorest and most backwards of the Stravos baronies, Lyncestia saw its fortunes unexpectedly improve as it came under the management of Lord Elias of Stravos. While not quite remarked for its fertile lands or bountiful grounds, Lyncestia does, however, boast a significant amount of protected coves and easily-defensible bays which constitute the ideal setting for ship-building sites. It was through this route that the Stravos heir chose to develop his barony, turning the province into a hub of the Stravos naval industry, ruled from its blood-red castle on the cliffs.

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Although the most recently prosperous of the Stravos baronies, the sanguine Kalospiti Koryfí seated at the top of the province's cliffs seems almost an afterthought. The home's amenities may well boast of the family's incredible wealth and newly royal name, decorated in a blend of bright shades and imported furnishings: nothing in those lavish halls is ever unimpressive or out of its proper place. Those who look closer, however, might notice the weathering of the walls and the cracks beginning to show; all those details that the sheer size and outward splendour of the estate make such an effort to hide.

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Kalospíti Koryfí
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