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The small town of Thesnia prides itself on a very 'hands-on' approach when it comes to dealing with their livestock and produce. The locals are humble but proud of their work, and there is a beautiful sense of satisfaction and home every year during the birthing season of their livestock. Many have chosen this small landlocked town as a retirement home as they grow older, resulting in Thesnia having a very high ratio of older residents to young ones, making it difficult for farmers to find young help.

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Much like its counterpart in the Athenian capital, the Marikas manor in the barony of Thesnia has always been decorated in the most recent fashions, although the heavy reliance on red, gold and black in its finishings give a traditional feel mixed with an obvious homage to the current baron's parental heritage. The manor overlooks the largest body of water in Thesnia, the edge of its bountiful gardens bordering one shore of the lake and winding around the rest of the estate to end in a picturesque grotto memorialising the manor's namesake.

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