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Halls of the Gods

The very origin of the city of Midas, the capital of Colchis was begun as a temple to the Gods. Carved deep into the mountain, the Naós Cavern has separated into specific temples for several of the major Olympian Gods. While other temples are situated around Greece, the ones held within the Hall of the Gods are always considered the most divine and the closest one can get to their preferred immortal.

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Believed to be the gate to the Underworld, many visit the Nekromanteion to seek counsel with their dead or pray for the God's blessing to gain great riches. Built upon a remote cape, the location was allegedly the entrance point for all who wish to enter the realm of Hades. Consisting of two levels, the lower level is particularly used by the priests of Hades for mystical practices, with extremely low resonance levels that require visitors to practice absolute silence, while the upper levels are visited by worshippers.

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The Nekromanteion

The temple of Ares, located near the hot springs of Colchis just outside the city, is a narrow, austere building. Its crimson columns are symbolic of the rituals held inside. At the far end of the temple's interior is a raised Dias, upon which stands an altar. A depression at the altar's base is there to collect the blood of the sacrifices performed, whether they be from dog or human in honor of the God of War. Just behind the Dias stands a statue of Ares. Ritual baths are to the sides of the temple so that his followers can be purified and mentally clear for both battle and worship.

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Naós of Ares

As the largest temple dedicated to the Goddess Aphrodite in Greece, Colchis’s Aphrodisias is rumored to have over a thousand temple priestesses collecting profits in service of the Goddess. While not all housed in the expansive city temple, these hierodule service all manner of clients in honor of Aphrodite. Considered exceedingly profitable, the Kingdom now taxes the temple for their services and they are legally supported and approved by the city.

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The Aphrodisias
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