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Upper Levels

The upper levels of the city are home to those who can afford it. As the weather is monsoon-like for nearly half the year and rain water runs downhill, the upper levels are often clean, crisp and full of beautiful architecture designed to keep the wind at bay.

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The mansion owned by the family was Drakos was once the manor of Kotas. Upon the Kotas family becoming the crowned monarchs of the Colchian kingdom several generations ago, a new manor was ordered to be constructed from the mountain of Midas and the Kotas family moved to their more lavish home. When the Lady Tythra of Kotas married a Drakos and produced a new line of royal heirs, part of the dowry involved was the old Kotas manor. Finely sculpted and lavishly decorated in a masculine fashion with tapestries and paintings of ancient battles and fabrics and textiles from conquered kingdoms, the home is one grand enough to befit the old heirs that once lived there and has since been kept in its glory by the iron, guiding hand of Lady Tythra.

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Archontikó Drakos Ladies of the training
Reply By Deleted
Aug 18, 2021 22:36:38 GMT

The home of the Eliades family is the newest royal residence to be added to the upper levels. Once a large merchant's home, the building was merged with the one next to it in order to form a statement home large enough to befit the cousins of the ruling family. Since then, the home has gradually filled with practice and homey fashions, rather than the tastes of the rich and impressive. Books, comfort furnishings and items of sentimental over economic value are held in high places of esteem and on display for those who might visit...

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Kalospíti Eliades

Carved from the very Midas mountain itself, the Kotas manor is three storeys of impressive sculpture and stands unyielding, fused to the very rock of the city. It operates windows on its front face and half way down either side, before the structure becomes one with its birth material. The furthest wings back from the sky and air was the private residences and bed chambers of the royal family (on the upper levels) and the kitchens and servants quarters (on the lower). The entertaining rooms lie towards the front of the palace.

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Archontikó Kotas For the Greater Good
Reply By Vangelis of Kotas
Aug 9, 2022 7:23:43 GMT

The Thanasi manor within Midas is one very much used for practicality. With a patriarch who spends most of his time in Nethisa and little of it in their second manor in the capitol, the Thanasi home has been allowed to drop in decor one way or the other depending on the room in question and its current occupant. An amalgamation of styles and stores for each member of the Thanasi brood who may stay within its walls on one occasion or another, the second Thanasi manor is not for socialising. The privacy sought by each of its members ensures that the home is not for aesthetic power-games. Any social interaction is done elsewhere and the manor is reserved for solely the family and their basic needs.

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Archontikó Thanasi The thought that counts
Reply By Thea of Thanasi
Aug 6, 2022 12:01:51 GMT

An impressive manor in the Upper Levels of the city of Midas, this is just one of the Leventi holdings around the Grecian kingdoms. Closed up and out of use for most of the year, the home is used whenever a member of the Taengean Royal House come to stay in Midas.

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Kalospíti Leventi
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