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Ras Sufaga

A quiet and sombre town, Ras Sufaga is home to a large temple which houses many deities and a main temple where many go to pray. As such, many priests have also moved to the province to call it home and are the ones summoned by the royal family to perform any process of embalming required to mummify the body of any royal who has passed on to the afterlife. Much of the province are also experts at pottery and specialise in creating the canopic jars which are widely used in the process of mummification. The province itself seems largely uniform and serious in tone and colour, reflecting the mood of the people in the province itself.

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Hidden from prying eyes away in the outskirts of Ras Sufaga, behind ridges and old, inactive temple remains lies the secret hub of the Creed faction. Some claim that the Shade lives here, hidden away from the world with only his men as the tentacles of his senses. Others say that it is empty - only a holding place for the Creed to communicate via spirit. The winds that roll through the crevices and cracks of the face of this hide away do more than arrows and blades at keeping out the superstitious or the frightened. For any who enter here, never do return...

Yet the upper levels of temple ruins and hollow caves are but a farce. The true entrance to the enclave lies beneath the floor, where there is only one way in and one way out - by rope. And there are always Watchers - Creeders on sentry duty - ready to kill any who descend but do not belong.

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The Enclave
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