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A large necropolis located on the west bank of the Nile river, Zanzibar took over from Giza as the resting place of the fallen several generations ago and houses the royal tomb of the Egyptian rulers. The royal tomb makes for a highly imposing picture from the way it looms up to a large pyramid and the royal family posts guards at its entrance year-round to ensure the safety of their dead and departed. The terrain of this area is sandy but arable, and livestock is the most common thing grown on the lands, producing materials from which clothing and fabrics are made. Zanzibar is a small province and houses only the caretakers of the dead and their families, but the wives of such men are said to be some of the finest weavers and fabric-makers in Egypt. A Zanzibar shawl, for example, is an expensive and luxurious thing to own.

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Presiding over the dead kings is the temple to the God of the Kings, God of the Sky, Horus. Here, those seeking the favour of the falcon god may come and make offerings to his likeness.

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Temple of Horus
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