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Israel is a city province on the coast of the Aegean Sea and as such is one of the coolest and most temperate of the regions in Judea, but also one of the most humid. It enjoys excessive trade and a busy economy, trading with both men of the north-western islands in Greece and with the travellers to the east. Israel is one of the largest city provinces and therefore has the largest population which encourages still further commerce and innovation. It is a city of design and progress with machines and inventions being built in the back room of many a creative man's abode. The city is also home to a large number of Greeks. While the division between the two races of man is strong and prejudices rife, there is no violence from the Greek militia's station in the province of Israel for they are not there to conquer nor have they been placed there to keep the Judean's in check. They have no authority and do not rule. They are accepted as "guests of Judea" through the money Taengea pays directly to the Israel leaders and are there solely to be easily mobilised into Egypt should war appear prevalent once more. The Greeks have no assimilated and often wear their armour or traditional clothing which makes them easy to spot on the streets of Israel.

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A Judean home is very similar regardless of whose you enter; upper or lower class. The Judean people are about practicalities and so have a standard shape of home - a large entertaining room that often sports a stepped seating area where the family dines around a low table. and a section (usually at a cornered L-shape from the living quarter) dedicated to cooking with an open fire. A bedchamber is a separate room with a raised stone platform on which the mattresses and bedclothes are placed and the richer Judaen homes have rudimentary toilets that are a small addition off the back of the house and are relegated to a stone seat with a hole, build over guttering system that sends waste into nearby stream system and down the river.

Whether a family is rich or poor does not really affect the home in which they live other then to produce slightly smaller or larger sized rooms. The very rich will have separate sleeping chambers for their children but otherwise, offspring sleep in either the bedroom or the living quarters and the parents in the other. The only other difference between the houses of the upper and lower classes is the decoration. Rich Judean homes, instead of being made solely in granite or alabaster stone will be covered in pretty mosaics and designs in tile or glass, making colourful mandalas and designs on both the floors and ceilings. Some even paint their walls to be complimentary shades.

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A melting pot of mixed cultures, due to the large Greek influences here, the market of Israel has a mix of both Grecian and African influences. Bright colors interspersed with the vibrant flavors of Egyptian spices would hang heavily in the air, and a loud mix of languages from all around the different regions could be heard as one explored the market.

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Unlike the haphazard way that the markets are arranged, the shops usually sell more specialized products - items which are finely crafted and wrought from the artisan within. Their wares are usually displayed out front, while the back of the shop functions as a work area for the owner or the merchant themselves.

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Merchant Stores

A place where communion and discussions would happen, and where the people of the city would come to hear news from royal criers as well as speak assistance from their city leaders, the Public Hall is an enclosed space which would get stuffier in the hotter months, but remains a bustling center of activity where all would convene to get updates on anything that went on within their city or kingdom.

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Public Hall

As the entry point for Grecians to peddle their ware, the Docks of Israel are simultaneously busy as they are heavily guarded. Most ships entering or exiting this point would be heavily inspected by the Israel guards, and the taverns that line the docks are also highly guarded.

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The Docks

A fertile and humid region, the coastline of Israel is narrow at the north, and widens as it goes south. Many would choose to dip or run directly into the rolling waves of the sea in the hotter months, using the sea as a way to cool off from the humid weather. The sandy beaches are warm year round, even in the coldest months, and is a popular spot for an evening of relaxing.

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The Coastline

Built in a hurry, the rows of stone residential homes along the streets are all in nice and ordered rows, as if one had taken them as bricks and laid them all out together. None of these residential homes are particularly pleasant to stay in by any means, but for the lower income people, they dared not complain.

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The Rows
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