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Poraz Bayith
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The Poraz family is one of great spirit. Ruling Moab with a hand as gentle as it is firm, the family are known for their wisdom, their understanding and their tolerance of others. Being a city province at the centre of trade for most of Judea, Moab and its ruling Mahnheeg are those with the least frozen identity of their own; fluid and changing as those who do business in their city come and go. The people of the city province of Moab are barterers, hagglers and traders - looking for the next best deal and trustworthy merchants or financiers to do business with. As such, the word and favour of a man is highly valued and sometimes money is not the true purpose of an agreement. The Moab Judeans believe in the sanctity of a promise made and the Poraz family are the epitome of this social grace and understanding.

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