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A Decade of Peace

Location: Illytia > Colchis > Greece
IC Date: Posidaios, 672 BC
Open To: All Players
Closing: 19th June 2021

The winds of time pass. They rise from the coasts of Africa and travel north. Over the meadows of Taengea and across the waters of the Athenia harbours. On they ride upon the air until they break upon the rising mounts of the Kirakles Isles. Here, they riot and they howl. But not so loudly as the people themselves. A nation of war, the provider of iron forges and weaponry to the expanse of all Grecian kingdoms, Colchis was chosen for the perhaps ironic duty of hosting the decadial celebrations of peace.

Ten years ago, the kingdoms of Greece came together to seek resolution. No longer could Colchians afford to be denied trade and supplies from the vast Athenian lands. Taengeans could not defend their wealth and natural beauty without weapons. And the Athenian cycle of currency and trade slowed without the horses and coin to leave the Taengean shores. In truth, battles and skirmishes, tense political arrangements and boycotts across the Aegean Sea benefited no-one. Instead, the Three Kings of these three great nations collected in Taengea and decided upon a Treaty. Athenia, Colchis and Taengea would become allies. Independent under their own rule and law but bound by arrangement and expectation. If one went to war, the others would join. If one suffered natural disaster, the others would send aid.

Over the years, this treaty has rarely come into effect except to cease fire between the nations themselves. Trade and currency have risen, nations have flourished, but rarely have the duties beholden to the treaty bearers ever been tested. A decade is a long time for those with mortal memories but ten years disappear into the ether of long-term histories. This fledgling agreement is still new, still untried. And the people of the Grecian kingdoms will decide its relevance and its success in the years to come.

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