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Character Development

You'll find everything you need for progressing you character here in the Character Development board. From development pages where you can post absolutely anything in regards to your character (additional information, trackers, ideas, plots, dreamscapes) to a specific board for the written word like Journals and Notes (please note that any letters/notes that are actually sent to other characters need to be posted in the Letters and Missives section, to our Alternate Reality board - you can post whatever you like here to further advance yours and everyone else's understanding of your character.

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Want to create a thread where you can post anything you like with regards to your character? This is where you place it. One thread per character (or per member - your choice) and you can post anything that inspires you for your creations.

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Development Pages Elena's Timeline
Reply By Elena of Marikas
Feb 14, 2022 16:07:49 GMT

Does your character keep a journal? A diary? Do they doodle things? If you are have anything written down that you want to explore - first person narratives or thought processes included, it goes in this board here. Please note that any formal letters (sent or otherwise) to other characters need to go in our Missives and Letters board - not in this one. This board is solely for the personal reverie and musings of your character.

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Journals and Notes ad test
Reply By The Staff Team
Jul 1, 2022 11:21:06 GMT

If you have an idea, a plot or a situation that you would love to play out but it just doesn't work in our current timeline/world or is a past memory or something that can only happen in a "what if" alternative setting, then post it here. Anything that is posted in this board is not official/canon to the site.

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Alternate Reality Shoot Straight
Reply By Vangelis of Kotas
Aug 3, 2022 1:00:38 GMT

Interested in a character but don't know whether they're the right fit? Try them on for size, here! Just make a character account (remember to use their first name only as your username) and roleplay here without having to create an application. No requirements - just get stuck in! Any threads created in this board can be moved into canon storyline after application acceptance, if you wish.

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Pre-Roleplay Toddlers and Tiaras
Reply By Deleted
Jun 26, 2022 1:38:24 GMT
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